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Lessons from the Xi’an Stela

In the 1600's AD, Roman Catholic missionaries forged their way to China, seeking to reach this massive "unreached" people with the gospel. To their great surprise, they learned that they were about 700-800 years late. The Xi'an Stela (a stela is a stone monument, often with an inscription), erected in 781 AD, records the positive reception of the gospel by the Chinese empe...

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The Complexity of Dependence on Threats

Two moments in my past week speak to one important issue. The first was a conversation over the Bible with our intern Josh Hix. He simply read a famous passage in context, and as he read, a new, path-cutting connection was made for me. The second happened at Home Depot⁠1. I was on the verge of giving up and paying for an expensive sprinkler repair, when another custom...

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