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The Post-Christmas Doldrums

Why the post-Christmas doldrums? What to do about it? 1. Realize that it may be partly a physical problem. We are embodied souls. After eating our way through the holidays, and sleeping differently, and catching germs on a plane or from your niece, you may simply be tired. Getting back into a more healthy rhythm may help. 2. Understand, however, that you may have spent t...

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On Bible Reading, and Conversation in Our Homes

Does your Bible reading result in spiritual conversations in your home? By "spiritual conversations", I mean conversations between spouses or friends, and what we call "family devotions" - deliberate, structured times of teaching in the home about God and the gospel. I would like to offer two simple suggestions for freeing you and simplifying this act of spiritual conversa...

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About Bible Reading Plans

Between Christmas and New Year, many of us will begin thinking about a Bible reading plan for the new year. I want to offer some thoughts that have been helpful to me over the years, as I have wrestled with and failed over Bible reading plans as much as I have succeeded: The goal of Bible reading can be put in many ways from Scripture, but nowhere do I read, "To be more...

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