LTC's exist to help develop each of us as we steward the gospel and are equipped for the work of ministry.  LTC's supplement the expository preaching we enjoy together by providing another angle at content topics that may not get much direct in-depth attention in our worship service.   


When:  Sundays, 9 am

Who:  LTC's are available for adults, youth & kids

Adult Classes include:

CHRISTIAN ETHICS:  A Framework for Approaching Life's Hardest Questions   From a casual chat about the latest news to an agonizing bedside medical decision, living in the world means coming face to face with hard questions.  Christian Ethics seeks not to just answer specific questions, but to help us rightly think about any moral question.  This class will first explain what Christian Ethics is as it attempts to provide a framework for how to view and interpret the Bible in life's complexities, with significant consideration of the OT.  The rest of the class will then take this framework and apply it to a variety of ethical categories like life, death, economics, gender and the environment.  Taught by Nathan Shaw & James LeGore.  Meets in the Library.

CHANGE: How the Gospel Sancitifies  This class aims to help Christians who desire to grow to be more like Jesus.  The first half of the class will look at a model in which biblical, heart-focused change comes about through the truth of the gospel.  The second half of the class will look at how change comes about in challenging areas of life by interviewing some of the biblical counselors in our church.  Specific topics may include:  depression, destructive habits, fear/anxiety, anger, and trauma.  Taught & Facilitated by Frank Mylar & Bryant Strain.  Meets in Room 206.

What We Believe  This class is for those who are newer to EvFree or pursuing church membership.  The class will explore in depth our church's history/denomination, Statement of Faith and doctrinal distinctions.  What We Believe is a helpful context to be able to ask questions and get to know who we are and how we function as a local church. Taught by Pastor Steve Clark.  Meets in Room 207.


Youth & Children's Classes include:

Youth - Swordsmanship  The class is available to any 6th - 12th grade students who desire to grow in their ability to study God's Word well and apply it to all areas of the Christian life.  Taught by Andrew Strang.  Meets in the Music Room.

2nd thru 5th Grades - New City Catechism  52 Questions & Answers for Our Hearts & Minds.  Taught by Wayne & Rob Dahl, Trent Hawes & Brady Snyder.  Meets in Room 206.

3 year olds thru 1st Grade - The New Testament published by Gospel Project.  Taught by Yolonda Poret.  Meets in Room 102.


Nursery available for children under 3 years old.