LTC's exist to help develop each of us as we steward the gospel and are equipped for the work of ministry.  LTC's supplement the expository preaching we enjoy together by providing another angle at content topics that may not get much direct in-depth attention in our worship service.   


When:  Sundays, 9 am

Who:  LTC's are available for adults, youth & kids

Adult Classes include:

Biblical Hospitality As A Way Of Life:   Using the book, The Simplest Way to Change the World, we will explore the nature of hospitality as it relates to the character of God, us as His people, and the opportunities it provides for sharing the love of Christ.  Our time together will include group discussion about developing practical rhythms of hospitality, engaging in gospel conversations, and other ways to leverage our homes and life circumstances.  A component of this class will include hearing from others who have experience practicing hospitality with people of differing backgrounds, situations, and demographics.  Facilitated by Stephan Leman & Mandy Begg.  Meets in Room 206.

Introducing Christianity to Mormons  This lecture based class will closely follow the content and organization of the book, Introducing Christianity to Mormons.  The aim of the class is to provide some basic theological distinctions between Christianity & Mormonism and to help move us towards clarifying conversations and loving relationships with our LDS neighbors/family/colleagues.  Our personal encounters and experiences will not be an emphasis of this class and we'll put a greater emphasis on how differences in theology between Christianity and Mormonism can help us embrace and articulate sound bibilical theology.  Taught by Bryant Strain.  Meets in the Music Room.

Youth & Children's Classes include:

Youth - Disciplined Disciples  A detailed look at a few of the tools that God has given to believers to discipline themselves for the purpose of godliness (1 Timothy 4:7) Taught by Andrew Strang.  Meets in the Library.

2nd thru 5th Grades - New City Catechism  52 Questions & Answers for Our Hearts & Minds.  Taught by Wayne & Rob Dahl, Trent Hawes & Brady Snyder.  Meets in Room 206.

3 year olds thru 1st Grade - Learning from Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  Taught by Yolonda Poret.  Meets in Room 102.


Nursery available for children under 3 years old.