LTC's exist to help develop each of us as we steward the gospel and are equipped for the work of ministry.  LTC's supplement the expository preaching we enjoy together by providing another angle at content topics that may not get much direct in-depth attention in our worship service.   


When:  Sundays, 9 am

Who:  LTC's are available for adults, youth & kids

Adult Classes include:

THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH & CULTURE: Here We Are - Now What?   Today we find ourselves in a unique cultural moment considering issues of political extremism and division, questions of identity, gender, and secularism that were not even considered a few decades ago.  This class will consider, through biblical principles and the example of Jesus, how we as individual Christians and as a Church can engage with this cultural moment; in a way that points us to the Kingdom of God for His glory and our own peace of soul.  Taught by James LeGore.  Meets in the Library.

MAKING DISCIPLES: Outward Living, Evangelism & Discipleship  In response to the biblical call for Christians to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), this class will explore the process of spiritual multiplication as we seek to befriend, pray, share the gospel, and disciple others.  We've had a number of classes over the years tha tdeal with each of these subjects individually, but this class will seek to bring all of this together and do so in the context of the local church.  Taught by Bryant Strain & Sam Begg.  Meets in Room 206.



Youth & Children's Classes include:

Youth - Swordsmanship  The class is available to any 6th - 12th grade students who desire to grow in their ability to study God's Word well and apply it to all areas of the Christian life.  Taught by Andrew Strang.  Meets in the Music Room.

2nd thru 5th Grades - New City Catechism  52 Questions & Answers for Our Hearts & Minds.  Taught by Wayne & Rob Dahl, Trent Hawes & Brady Snyder.  Meets in Room 206.

3 year olds thru 1st Grade - The New Testament published by Gospel Project.  Taught by Yolonda Poret.  Meets in Room 102.


Nursery available for children under 3 years old.