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Order of Service

  1. Announcements - We are updated on important news & events
  2. Call to Worship - We re-focus our attention on God and the Gospel
  3. Worship in Song - We enjoy God and sing together, as one voice
  4. Life of the Church - We rejoice in how God is working through His people
  5. Worship in Prayer - We are led in prayer by a church leader as we trust God together
  6. Worship in Preaching - We hear & submit ourselves to the proclamation of the Word of God
  7. Song of Response - We worship God in song, responding to what we’ve heard in His Word
  8. Communion - We celebrate Jesus’ death and anticipate His coming return (1st Sunday each month)
  9. Benediction - We are encouraged by a closing pastoral remark (benediction means “good word”)

Children in Church 

Parents are welcome to keep their children with them in the service. We find great value in parents and children hearing the same message on Sunday mornings and being able to converse about it later. This often takes some training and preparation on the part of both parents and children but it's worth the effort. If you would like to read more about what this effort and preparation can look like, we invite you to read this article from John and Noelle Piper [web link | download pdf] on their experience with this. We also offer clipboards with paper, coloring sheets and writing utensils for children to draw what they are hearing during the service.

Kids' Worship

We gladly offer Kids' Worship as well. Children are dismissed from the worship service after the elder prayer, just before the sermon.

Mothers' Room 

We also offer a mothers' room equipped with video from the main auditorium. Nursing mothers are welcome to use this space for young children.  Our visitors' lounge is available for other caregivers with small children. The mothers' room is located on the east hallway (the left hallway as you enter the auditorium). 

Ways to Serve

For those who call EFree "home" we have multiple opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings. These opportunities include:
– Usher
– Set-up
– Nursery
– Children's Life Training Classes and Kids' Worship 
– Welcome
– Music
– Sound & Tech
– Kitchen

If you would like to express interest in serving one of these areas or some other way, feel free to talk to an elder or pastor, call the church office, or fill out the form below: 

Contact Us