We will continue to add new resources to this page; please check back in the future. Resources are arranged by subject. Most of these links will take you to an external site but some are PDFs. Please note that we cannot vouch for all the material linked to here, especially where we link to entire websites. So please feel free to contact a pastor or another elder with any questions about what you read:


desiringgodDesiring God is the ministry of John Piper. We highly recommend many of the writings and books you'll find here. Many you'll find on our book table. 

GospelCoalitionThe Gospel Coalition, a website run by a ministry of the same name, with content covering a wide variety of topics and issues. EFree is a member of this coalition of churches and people, is listed on their list of churches. 

ccefpicCCEF is a counseling ministry that we think highly of and are indebted to in our ministries here. You'll find many helpful resources here. 

9Marks9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for building healthy churches. We are in their church network database and recommend many of the books and articles they they endorse.