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How God Celebrated the First Christmas

Christmas, if anything else, is about the giving of gifts to our loved ones. We criticize ourselves for our Americanized commercializing of Christmas (and we should). But we are only reenacting our Father's giving in love. What we enact around the tree is little and miniscule, compared to how God "celebrated" the first Christmas. I'll let Paul put it in his words, 1 Tim. 1...

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Seeing His Glory, Finding Life

[Often I use this space to reflect on some portion of daily Bible reading from the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan. Personally, I try to follow half the plan, reading two chapters a day, or the whole Bible in two years. This gives me more space for personal reflection on what I'm reading, leaving less pressure to keep up with the plan. If you would like to join me, and use the...

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What's the Point?

The world asks of the church, "What's the point?!" So do people inside the church. What's the point? If the point is to make you a better person, there are plenty of books and speakers who can tell you how to get your best life now, better than us. If it's to build a better society, there's the Rotary Club, or the Red Cross, or any number of organizations. They do that be...

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