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Love In, and After, the Voting Booth

I was asked last night, "Who are you voting for?" Good question. Here are some other questions I'm asking myself, and for you to consider, as Election Day nears: First, if everyone's vote was made public, how would that change our fellowship within our church? Evangelicals are divided on Hillary and Donald. Would our lack of agreement impede our love of one another, becau...

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Getting Happy

We want happiness; we are ever in search of it; a current book written by a Briton describes how we Americans can't find it. Perhaps we are more prone to search harder for happiness; its pursuit is built-in to our founding document and character. Or turn on PBS and you'll hear about "mindful awareness", an eastern practice that's the en vogue way to happiness. Even the mun...

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Raising Funds for Resurrection Bible Church in Ukraine

Resurrection Bible Church is located in Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine and is comprised of 45-50 attendees and about 20 children in Sunday school. They have a fierce desire to see more Ukrainians hear the good news of Christ and worship the one true God. Pastor Oleg Kalin is a longtime friend of Pastor Jed's, they met in 2007 through a mutual mentor. In Ukraine, a coun...

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William Cowper: Life Lessons

William Cowper's (pronounced "Cooper") life rings with lessons for us, about depression, and about moving towards others in love, even when we know not what we should say or do. Cowper lived in the 1700's, was a friend of John Newton (Newton was his pastor for a time), and wrote poems and hymns that are still valued today. Martin Luther King often quoted Cowper's abolition...

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Idols and Times of Refreshing

When we listen to a sermon, the stakes are high - Jesus said in the parable of the soils that covetousness is always ready, looking to snatch the Word from us and make us unfruitful, or from becoming Christians (Matt. 13:22). The moment of the sermon is a battle. The battlefield is our hearts, because the location of the "root" of faith (13:21), and the location of covetou...

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