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Easter and Oktoberfest

What shall we do with Easter, after Easter is over? To ask such a question is a good sign; it means Easter had its intended effect on us. But the question remains. There are many threats to "keeping Easter". But one of the most dangerous, and the most pernicious, because it is so subtle, is the threat of "trends". Fads are different. For pastors to have or have not facial...

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The Scandalous Invitation

(See Luke 19:1-10). Zacchaeus never saw him coming. Literally - the "wee little man" was probably kept from seeing Jesus deliberately by the crowds, out of spite, and hatred. Zacchaeus was the boss of tax collectors - a legalized pimp of professional extortioners, all with authority from Rome to fleece their own people in order to return taxes due to Caesar. Zacchaeus was...

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