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Humble Ambition for Glory

We Americans have had a twisting relationship with ambition. Alexis de Tocqueville observed about us: "There are no Americans who do not show that they are devoured by the desire to rise, but one sees almost none of them who appear to nourish vast hopes or to aim very high. All want constantly to acquire goods, reputation, power; few envision all these things on a grand s...

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Live, Give, Representative

At any given moment, you are to be about . . . what? All the time, you and I are to live, give or serve as a representative. Live, give, representative. Live: Much of life is just, well, living. In order to feed one's family, one either needs to work, or go to the grocery store or garden. The car ride or working or shopping or picking is just life. But I am to live that l...

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The Purifying Power of Thankfulness

In all the Psalms Jesus meets with us, identifying with our weaknesses, having compassion on us, and graciously meeting us with help in our time of need. But he does not always help us on our terms, the way we would devise. Sometimes we call out for him for grace and mercy, but he meets us first with more wounds, more hurt. Psalm 50 pictures such a time. We must keep humbl...

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Malaise and Purpose in Community Groups

Recently I heard someone say that their Community Group lacked purpose. I was disappointed to hear that, but I think I understand the malaise. I want to make three comments to clarify and perhaps inspire us in the purpose of Community Groups.First, remember that God has sovereignly, deliberately placed us in geographic proximity to other real people. Therefore, one of your...

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