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Six Rules for Bible Reading in 2019

Six rules for Bible reading, in 2018: 1. Don't make it a rule. The hinge upon which our lives turn is not whether we have satisfied rituals that please God. Jesus himself became THE ritualistic sacrifice, that satisfied God, in our place. The measure of our Christianity is not whether we've done sufficient devotions, but whether we believe that God is there, and that He i...

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The New Year and the Proverbs 31 Woman

The voices speaking to women today are endless. This is the time of year when many of these voices "come calling", and their demands transmogrify within us into new New Year's habits and goals (we no longer call them "resolutions", but the behavior is there all the same). The Christian form of this is to look at the Proverbs 31 woman, and be found wanting. Who can keep up ...

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The Prologue, by D.A. Carson

The Prologue Before there was a universe, Before a star or planet, When time had still not yet begun I scarcely understand it Th' eternal Word was with his God, God's very Self-Expression; Th' eternal Word was God himself And God had planned redemption. The Word became our flesh and blood The stuff of his creation The Word was God, the Word was flesh, ...

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What's Expected of You?

What is expected of each of us in this church, when we are outside of Sunday worship? Let's work our way out from the center: We are to glorify God. We do this best, as others have said, as we enjoy Him. In enjoying Him we have all the inner power we need to make much of Him. We find this joy in the gospel. Thus one of our first responsibilities is to pursue our own joy, ...

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Toxic Masculinity

I'm told the Oxford Dictionary named "toxic" its "word of the year". For good reason - it describes well our political discourse, our relationships, Utah's air this time of year . . . but especially men. We've heard so many stories where men have misused others, especially women - where "toxic masculinity" is an understandable description. Therefore I would like to speak ...

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