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Schaeffer on the Spirit

Francis Schaefer on Life in the Spirit: "Teaching about the Holy Spirit and His indwelling must never be solely a theological concept. Having the proper conceptthat we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit when we are savedwe must press on, so that the Spirit's indwelling can bring forth results in our lives. If we want tongues of fire, our first step is not only to stand by, co...

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Humbled for Good

King Nebuchadnezzar - a fascinating figure in Scripture. Conqueror of the Jews, God utilizes him unwittingly as their caretaker. Perhaps for this reason, God takes a special interest in him. This is no more vivid than in Daniel 4. Others have made hay of Nebuchadnezzar's psyche: he is what we would call today a narcissist. Absorbed with himself, this self-consumption only...

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Ambitious Rest

Someone in our church recently said she observered an increased attention paid at EVFree to outreach. This concerned her; she felt that behind this increased attention is a pressure to grow in numbers. Fair enough - that tendency and temptation is always there in churches: to want to grow, either in response to other churches' growth (bad), or for our joy in the glory of G...

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Gospel Community

This month we will be emphasizing our "gospel community" and encouraging you to get connected. We began this concept of "gospel community" by launching "Community Groups" over a decade ago. Community Groups are geographically-based: you already "belong" to one, based on where you live. Community Groups include everyone in that area. The goal is three C's: to connect to ot...

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