We are wanting to highlight a 6-week class being offered, called What Do We Believe. This class is intended to provide those who are exploring or newer to the EFree community information on our church, history/denomination, Statement of Faith and doctrinal distinctions unique to us as a church. This class is a great context to be able to ask questions and get to know who we are and how we function as a local church.
This class will be taught by Pastor Steve Clark, running from Nov 1 - Dec 13th (skipping 11/29 for Thanksgiving weekend). It will take place during our Life Training hour on Sundays from 9:00-10:00 am, prior to the Worship Service. It will be hosted in the Library which is located at the far end of the east hallway.
For those desiring to become members of Evangelical Free Church of SLC this class is required prior to filling out a membership application, yet is also open to anyone desiring to attend and learn more about our church.
Please reach out to Bryant (bryant@slcevfree.org) if you are desiring to attend!