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New Life Training Class Quarter: We begin a new Life Training Class quarter beginning Dec. 2. There will be two courses:

Productivity: This course will build upon last quarter’s class on loving our neighbor, and will explore productivity - more specifically, "personal effectiveness”. Based on the work of Matt Perman, we will seek to define and practice a “personal effectiveness” for every sphere of life - not one for "Christian" parts of our life, and another for work/secular - and certainly not one that is secular with Christian labeling. The goal is a "personal effectiveness" that is God-directed, loves our neighbor helpfully, and most skillfully fulfills our callings in life. Music Room
Look at the Book: This course walks through one book of the Bible per week. A great way to catch the essential message of the individual book, while also seeing how it contributes to the great themes of Scripture. Currently this course is walking through the New Testament. Taught by Ralph Porter. Room 207