Life Training Classes

Our fall session of Life Training Classes will include the following two classes.  We see these classes as an important piece of our Christian discipleship as we seek to grow in our knowledge and faith in God as a church body. 


This class will explore a theology of heaven and its implications on our lives.  The goal of this class is to come away with a better understanding of what heaven is and is aimed at stirring up our imagination and longing for eternity with God in heaven.  Taught by Steve Clark and Charlie Huebner.  Meets in Room 206 (upstairs).


Progressive Christianity: Engaging with Secular Culture and Deconstruction

This class will explore how secular culture is influencing and challenging Historic Christianity and evolving into a newer form of practice and faith.  Many who have grown up around the church are going through a process identified as deconstruction, which results in borrowing a cultural narrative to redefinie biblical truth.  As the church, we think it is important to identify this phenomenon, interact with the claims, and lovingly engage with those who are attempting to reconcile faith and culture.  Taught by Bryant Strain and Toby Huebner.  Meets in the Music Room (upstairs).


Open My Eyes: A Study for Youth on Studying the Bible
This class will be covering the significance of the Bible and how youth can be better equipped to know and live under its authority. Taught by Clint Kidd. Meets in the Library.