Life Training Classes

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EFree's adult Life Training Classes seek to establish a core foundation for the Christian. Here we explore both the great overarching truths and the fine intricacies about God, man and life. Classes begin at 9:00 am on Sundays. 

All our adult Life Training Classes are held on the upper level of our building. Turn left just before the auditorium doors, then right and up the stairs.  

What We Believe: Taught by Pastor Steve, this course looks not only at our Statement of Faith, but also at our distinctive beliefs as a church. Required for membership. Room 209.  

Parenting: Taught by Frank and Debby Mylar, this class will continue in the fall, updates will be posted in August.

Change: Taught by Pastor Jed and several others, this course will look at how we change, focusing especially on the concept of the “Three Trees”. Music Room.