What to Do?

What is the purpose of church membership?

Charles Spurgeon: “What odd notions people have of joining the church. Many a young man joins a rifle corps. There he is! When he joins the church, where is he? We have the distinguished honor of having the names of many young gentlemen on our books. But where are they? What are they doing? They think it enough that they have joined the church; and they don’t think that anything more is required. When they join a literary institute, or anything of that kind, they do so for the purpose of doing something, and obtaining an advantage from it; and I say to such young men, “Do you believe the Christian church to be a farce? If you do so, we could even dispense with your names; if you do not believe the Christian church is a farce, then show that you don’t by working so far as you can in the cause of Christ.” But we hear some say, “I could do nothing, though I were to try it.” Well, I would reply, “I would not have liked to say that of you. There is not a nettle in the corner of the churchyard without its virtues; there is not a spider in the world but has its web to spin; and there is no man in the world but has something to do for the cause of Christ, which nobody else can do but himself. I don’t think it is possible for you to be powerless. Can’t you speak to someone? Can’t you do something in your own place as a member of the church?”

When we think, “I could do nothing, though I were to try it,” we forget that God has sovereignly led each of us to our particular place, right now. God is God over that place, and desires glory in that place. What shall we do for Christ? We begin to answer that by simply looking around, remembering that God put no one else here but . . . me.

We already have the power we need. God took control from our insane death grip, when he saved us. Because He has control, and He is for us, we are free to love those around us, without agendas, with complete sincerity. It is not possible for us to be powerless, in whatever place we find ourselves today, except if we would not rely upon Him. Not “have enough faith” - just “rely”. This is a church member - looking, relying, loving.