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By God's grace, we aspire to be a joy-filled community that...
– treasures God in Christ supremely,
– obeys the Bible completely,
– loves others selflessly,
– spreads the gospel intentionally.

By God's grace, we aspire to be a joy-filled community

The idea of church as a community is of tremendous importance. God intends for his people to be a family, a body, closely related to one another. He means for us to live in each other's lives, carry one another's burdens, encourage one another, and help guard one another against sin and error. We aspire to be that type of church community- where the grace and love of God are palpable.

We recognize -and rejoice in- the fact that God's grace is central to building that kind of church. We aspire to it, but without God's grace working in us individually and corporately to transform us, we will fall short. With His grace, though, our personal lives and community life become characterized by deep joy and faith, no matter what the circumstances of life. This type of community- a genuine, loving, joyful family- is what God wants his church to be, and by his Spirit, seeks to build.

Treasures God in Christ supremely

To "treasure" something is to value it. By God's grace, we aspire to be a people who value the true God as He has revealed Himself in Christ. But it is not fitting that He be valued alongside, or in conjunction with countless other things. He is the greatest treasure of the Universe, and we want to live consistently with Him as the greatest treasure of our hearts. We seek to treasure God in Christ supremely- in all things, over all areas of life, at all times- rejecting any philosophies or ideas that come alongside to contend that God is not enough.

Obeys the Bible completely

God has spoken to humanity in the 66 books of the Old and New Testament. These books alone are His word to us, and as such, are a great blessing to us. In the Bible God reveals who He is, who we are, and how we can come into right relationship with Him. To know Him more fully and to understand His purpose for us, we seek to study and meditate on God's word faithfully, and, by His grace, to submit our lives to it for His glory and our great good.

Loves others selflessly

All people everywhere are made in the Image of God. While humanity's fall into sin has marred that Image, it has not destroyed or erased it. Human beings of all ages, from all cultures, from both genders- Christians and non-Christians alike- all people still have an innate dignity and worth. By God's grace, we aspire to love others sacrificially and selflessly. We want to be people who love not only when it suits us, and not only with an agenda, but at all times. In so doing, our existing church community is deepened and enhanced, while others who are not yet a part of it are welcomed in.

Spreads the gospel intentionally

The Gospel is the good news that God has made a way for people to be reunited with him through Christ and his Cross. The gospel is God's idea, the clearest display of his many-faceted glory. It shows his love of people and his hatred of evil. It shows his wisdom and his power, his patience and his mercy, his grace and his justice and his goodness- and so much more! The Gospel is the hope of all the different peoples of the earth- the only way that anybody can be saved. Therefore we seek to spread the Gospel to the nations, to our neighbors, and to ourselves, again and again, inviting everyone to trust Jesus for life. We aspire to make the gospel the heart-beat of our church, fueling our growth in Christ as witnessed by our love for him and others.