Here are EVFree we desire to share God's grace in the gospel message through the natural rhythms of everyday life, ministry partnership, and intentional movement toward all people.

We have differing working definitions of missions & outreach, yet understand them to have one common goal of seeing the gospel proclaimed and the church edified.

Missions - a concerted evangelistic effort outside of an existing local church that crosses cultural lines as it seeks to make joyful worshippers and to gather them into local congregations for the furthering of the long-term discipleship growth.

Outreach - an intentional movement toward our neighbor(s) to love them through proclaiming the gospel and through good works (holistic-comopassionate care for a person).

Ways We Pursue Gospel-Centered Mission

  • Ministry Partners:  Financially, prayerfully and relationally support ministry partners connected to local outreach and global missions.
  • Missions Committee:  Exists to help connect the church to our supported ministry partners and to help cultivate a heart for missions within the church (i.e. Annual Missions Sunday).
  • Life Training Classes:  Regular classes on topics like Outward Living, Missions, Evangelism, and Community Outreach.
  • EVFree Outreach Ministry:  Exists to help discover and create opportunities for local churches to serve the greater needs of the community through intentional presence, holistic care, and like-minded partnership.