Day of Prayer

Every Thursday until December 31, 1969

All Day

Category: Prayer | Coordinator: Yolonda Poret

The elders will continue to host several different Zoom meeting times of prayer. We recognize and are really thankful for the various ways that people and groups in the church are already gathering to pray and minister to and with one another. Our hope is that a church-wide, multi-optioned day would be an additionally helpful way for us to be a part of something together, asking God to move during this time. 

There will be one meeting hosted at 7:00 AM and one at 10:00 AM. Please note that the 7:00 PM slot on Thursday will not longer be available. Join us for one that fits your schedule best—these will be times for prayer, and not for catching up with one another. The intention is that they last just under an hour, but if you have to leave before then, you are free to do so, of course. We’d like all to participate, if you can. If any one meeting gets too big, the leaders will split it and start another meeting at that time. For those not yet familiar with Zoom, contact Bryant Strain or the church office for some help.  801.943.009

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