Discipleship Groups

Click here to explore our Discipleship Groups. What follows is our philosophy behind these smaller groups of people sharing life together, with an intentional focus on living out the gospel.


In Discipleship Groups, we share

  • Our life
  • Our God, and
  • Our Mission

We share our life, by simply enjoying life together - a good meal, a playdate, a show - life. We share our God, by taking time to read, think and discuss Him and His gospel, and with apply the gospel to each other's souls. We share our mission, by seeking together to share the gospel with those around us, or by welcoming unbelievers into the life of the group. 

In Discipleship Groups, form follows function - given these three priorities (sharing life, God and mission), the "look" of our Discipleship Groups can vary widely. But in order for a group to be called a "Discipleship" Group, it must be about all three of priorities. 

How to start a Discipleship Group? Click to get started. If you'd like to explore existing groups, click on the button above. But a great first step, in getting to know people, is to join a Community Group.