We are people uniquely made and people who are being remade into God's image by His grace. That "remaking" happens as we all speak "the truth in love" one to another (Eph. 4:15). As this happens, we as individuals in community grow up together into Christ. 

This means that the local church is the primary place for counseling. Here we are known best by others. Here the gospel is proclaimed and lived out in community. There are three primary groups who do counseling at EFree:

Pastors and Other Elders: Our pastors and elders are available for counseling, especially in more acute situations. 

Certified Counselors: A few non-pastoral members of our congregation have been trained and certified in biblical counseling. 

The Congregation: We hope and desire that most "counseling" happens as people live together in community. Those who know us best and who know God best are best suited to apply the truths of the gospel to our particular situation. 

We invite you to read "The Local Church is THE place for Biblical Counseling" by David Powlison. 

To read more about a particular subject, click over to our Recommended Books page, our Other Resources page on this site, or contact one of our pastors or elders

To receive counseling, please consider your community group and your friends there as your first source of help and direction. However, please also feel free to connect with a pastor or counselor by calling 801-943-0091.