At EFree we share our lives together in Christ - "Gospel Community" - in three ways:

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On Sunday's, we join corporately to celebrate God through the teaching, singing, praying and preaching of His gospel about Jesus Christ. 

In Community Groups, we gather to provide a place for us to connect to others, especially those who are different from us. This especially helpful if you are new, or if you are wanting to connect to others outside of your natural group. These are larger groups defined by geography. 

In Discipleship Groups, we share our lives, our God, and our mission. These are smaller groups that seek to follow Christ together, in the normal rhythms of life, attending to each other's souls with the gospel, and intentionally seeking to share the gospel with the world. Here we learn to be disciples together. 

We don't have this gospel community thing nailed down perfectly. We're always growing. And we invite you to come and grow with us.