Community Groups

Click here to explore our Community Groups. What follows is our philosophy behind these larger, geographically-based groups of all kinds of people.


God grows us as we receive His grace through three "means":

  • The Word of God (the Bible)
  • Prayer, and
  • Fellowship. 

In our Sunday Worship Celebration, we hear the Word proclaimed, and in Life Training Classes we hear it taught. But this is not sufficient. We need the Spirit of God to apply the Word to our hearts. And we need each other to understand the Word better, to apply it practically, and to deliberately live in it. We need community. 

But we often think of "community" as being around those we would choose for ourselves - those we like and have affinity with (stage of life, for instance). But God has sovereignly chosen to place us in geographic proximity with other people. God has deliberately placed us in certain neighborhoods and streets, alongside certain other real people. 

Community Groups are our way of recognizing this reality and living in it, deliberately, with gospel intentionality. In Community Groups we gather together with everyone in our church in a certain geographic area, regardless of stage of life, age or family size, etc. It's our way of experiencing those people God has sovereignly placed us around. 

The marvelous thing is that God, according to Romans 8:32, "gives" us all of these people - he causes these relationships to be good to us. Even those with whom we have very little in common, except Jesus. God promises to do this, and we see him do it, every time we gather. Most Community Groups gather on the first weekend of the month, but this gathering is only the staging point for further life together later, in the ordinary details of everyday living.

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