Our New Redemption Group

Beginning in June, we will be providing a “Redemption Group”. I want to share more of what this is all about.

It is not a Community Group, and not a Discipleship Group. But as you will see, it feeds into both. It is not group therapy; we are not licensed for that in Utah. It is not, per se, group counseling. So what is it?

It is a small group where participants tell their stories, and, as a group, we seek to “recast” our story into God’s larger story of redemption: his work of creating us, rescuing us, keeping us, and one day, glorifying us, in his glory. We live out of stories; our personal narratives have great bearing on our choices, our responses, and even our very health. To recast one’s story into God’s story can mean the very power for decisive change in our lives.

This group is for anyone who senses some need for change. You’re stuck. You’ve got a life-engulfing addiction. You’ve been abused. Or you’re beset by petty jealousies. Or anywhere in between. This group is for anyone who wants to look at the old, old gospel in a fresh way, to get traction in some area of life that’s “stuck”. Define “stuck” as you will.

We will tell our stories, and we will build trust with each other. We will make particular Psalms personal to ourselves and our stories - to our “stuff”. Together.

We aim for every participant to experience more clearly God’s love and compassion, in our stuff. We’ll aim to identify the roots of our sin, and therefore aim for acts and attitudes of genuine confession and repentance. We’ll aim to really experience God’s forgiveness, His favor, His mercy. And we’ll aim to express forgiveness to others.

And lastly, we’ll develop plans for continued, forward movement. The group will work together to define specific commitments and actions that we will make/take. We’ll learn to see and remember and lean into God’s provision for us along the way. This is not a permanent group -  we will name specific people in our larger community that we will connect with, to continue our trajectory of growth and freedom.

Change can be hard. But sometimes we make it nearly impossible, because we pursue change like the person who tries to change their flat tire without using all the tools provided. We try to change by Word and prayer, but we leave out fellowship. This group will pull out all the tools . . . for lasting change.