Why We Do Groups

This Sunday is the first of three consecutive Gospel Community Sunday’s, where we invite you to join a Community and a Discipleship Group. Here are some details:

We want everyone to be involved in both a Community Group and a Discipleship Group.

Community Groups are larger, geographically-based groups where we commit to:

#1 CONNECT: We connect with other people, across generational, ethnic or other boundaries.

#2 CARE: We learn about each others’ needs, and take concrete steps, together, to help.

#3 COMMUNITY: We experience more of a sense of the community that we already are in Christ. And we consider ways we can reach out to our larger community.

We prefer that you join the Community Group you live closest to, but more importantly, commit to one!

Community Groups generally gather over a meal, but the meal is not the end, the purpose. That meal is really just a platform, a launching point, for us to establish a rhythm of life together, which I will describe more below.

Discipleship Groups are smaller groups based on affinity or stage in life. They have three purposes:

#1 DEVELOP: We develop friendships with each other, around God. And have fun doing it!

#2 DEVOTE: We devote ourselves to giving grace to each other, through the Word and prayer.

#3 DISCIPLESHIP: We walk together along the often-difficult path of following Jesus.

You don’t need leader permission to form a Discipeship Group. Simply initiate a regular gathering of people where you seek to accomplish those three goals above. For instance, you might gather the people you work close to, for lunch over the Bible twice a month. A stay-at-home mom might invite other moms over for the same purpose. There are “official” groups (see here), but anyone can form their own.

The purpose of groups is to establish a rhythm of life together, one centered around living out our life in Christ. That rhythm takes many forms: a text message follow-up to a prayer request; a fun movie outing; prayer; discussion over the Bible in the next group gathering; a parking lot conversation about that prayer request; sending an article that seemed to speak to the other person’s concerns; discussing a challenge to following Christ at work; prayer; searching the Scriptures for wisdom with the other person; watch the Utes game together; a meal after church . . .

Think of our life together as waves or lines, not dots. The goal of groups is to kick-start that line of life together. Sign-up this Sunday, before or after church (see the guys with the iPads, near the main sign in the hallway)!